Pinch A Palooza Crawfish Eating Contest

crawfish eating contest


Join us in 2020 for 11th-annual Pinch A Palooza Crawfish Eating Contest

Watching a horde of contestants pinching and peeling feverishly is good family fun. For the past 10 years, Pinch A Palooza Festival has offered crawfish lovers the chance to be named the Pinch A Palooza Crawfish Eating Contest Champion. The runner up and champion win great prizes, including a catered Deanie’s crawfish boil for 20! With cheering and encouragement from the crowd and teasing from the judges, contestants require nerves of steel and veins of cayenne to reach the top and be named our champion.

Our contest consists of two heats of approximately 18 contestants competing to challenge the fastest boiled crawfish eater in a final round. Great prizes are awarded to both heat winners, including a Deanie’s Seafood Crawfish Boil for 20 people for our Champion and other goodies.

For heat 1 and heat 2, participants compete to be the first to finish eating 3 lbs. of boiled crawfish. The contestants in our title round start off with 10 lbs. of crawfish. The champion will be the contestant who eats the most crawfish in 10 minutes. Participants are encouraged to bring their very own cheerleading krewe to root them on!!!

All our contestants receive a Pinch A Palooza T-shirt with their $20 entry fee. Registration is open to individuals age 18 and up. (Contest fee is paid the day of the event.) Each participant must complete a waiver.

The contest is judged by weighing the remaining uneaten crawfish of the two top contestants in the final round. The winner is the contestant with the least amount of uneaten leftover crawfish, calculated by weight. The amount of crawfish meat eaten is determined by weighing the discards and subtracting from the original weight.

Join us by the banks of Lake Pontchartrain in spring 2020 to show off your crawfish peeling skills!